Movie Deck for Plex is the most versatile media player for the Meta Quest platform.

  • Experience amazing video and sound quality
  • Play media from Plex servers, local network shares, or headset storage.
  • Choose from a variety of mood setting backgrounds, add virtual objects like sofa and theatre
  • Supports all common file formats, including full frame 3D movies, music, and photos
  • Easy controls and fast thumbstick shortcuts for skip, pause and step frame
  • Choose Audio and Subtitle tracks
  • Full color passthrough support on Quest 3

Plex Support

  • Supports Plex's most important features
  • Browse libraries while showing art and metadata
  • Local or remote access, shared libraries
  • Watchlist, Recently Added, On Deck sections
  • Change user ratings, create universal watchlist
  • Direct play or transcoding
  • Automatically keeps track playback time
  • Login with a code or email

SMB, DLNA, Local storage

  • Plex is NOT required to use Movie Deck.
  • Browse local network shares for content
  • Play content directly from headset storage
  • Automatic thumbnail generation of media
  • Enter username and password for protected shares

Flexibility and Customization

  • Place the screen and UI anywhere, independently.
  • Flexible screen options, including framed, curve, tilt, position, height and scale
  • Image adjustments include gamma, contrast, brightness, hue, saturation
  • Add a 3D black frame to highlight the picture
  • Dim the background or passthrough layer to create the perfect viewing environment

3D and 2D User Interface

  • Choose between a DJ Style UI with real 3D sliders and buttons, and a traditional 2D UI
  • Realtime dynamic shadows on both Quest 2 and 3
  • Customize with transparent or solid panels
  • Divided into two areas, browser and controls, which can be hidden independently
  • Change the distance of the browser and controls

Media Support

  • Support for all of the common formats, including MP4, MKV, AVI, MP3, JPG, PNG and many more
  • 4K and higher, 2D, 3D, SBS, top/bottom formats
  • Choose viewing modes and aspect ratio manually
  • Flip left/right eyes for 3D content
  • Augmented reality support using green screen

Spatial Anchor

  • Anchor the screen to a position in the room
  • Alter the screen relative to the anchor point
  • Anchor at the current position or use the controller
  • Create a screen of any size in your own room with passthrough!
  • View from any orientation, including sitting and laying down

Frequently Asked Questions

We have the answer.

Is this really a Plex Client?

Yes. Plex recently announced they would not be making apps for VR, so Movie Deck is the solution! Movie Deck doesn't require any extra PC software to mirror or stream since it is a real Plex client. It connects directly to your Plex Servers and the Plex.TV website.

Can I play movies when I am away from home?

Yes. Enable remote access on your Plex server and you will be able to log in from anywhere and watch movies provided your bandwidth is high enough.

Why do I need this?

Movie Deck is an application you will use for the lifetime of your VR headset! It is not a game that you will get bored with after a couple of weeks. You provide the content. It is more flexible and convenient than other media players and a real Plex client which makes it a vital utility to own.

Does Movie Deck store my information? Is it safe?

We value your privacy and do not collect any information from you. We don't even own servers to store information. In addition, passwords and viewing history are not saved, so can share it with family members.

How does Movie Deck automatically determine the video mode?

Movie Deck looks for the following strings inside the filenames:

  • "SBS" - 3D Side by Side format (full or half)
  • "H_OU" or "3D_OU" - 3D over under (full or half)
  • "180" - Side by side 180 degree projected on a half dome
  • "360" - Over under 360 degree projected on a full sphere

Where can I get it?

Movie Deck is currently available on the App Lab section of the Meta Quest store. Open the Store from the Quest menu and search for "movie deck", or visit here


Feel free to contact us for any suggestions or support